Cookies & Co. Biothane Hands Free Dog Leash in Cocoa Brown
Hands-Free Leash
Cookies & Co. Hands Free Dog Leash with Training Tab
Hands-Free Leash
Hands-Free Leash
Hands-Free Leash

Hands-Free Leash


Take your walks with your pup hands-free! Meet our Hands-Free Leash, this leash is adjustable whether you want to wear it across your body or around your waist, easily adjust the length and wear it how you like! Our hands-free leashes also come with an additional D ring making dining out or having to tie to a pole or chair quick and easy!

Our leashes are handmade from Biothane® which makes it waterproof, light-weight, durable and easy to clean! 

All of our Biothane® leashes are sealed at the ends to make it truly waterproof! This style collar comes in 3/4" and 3/4" heavy (only in Charcoal, Cocoa, and Vanilla colors) options both are extremely durable and have been tested to withstand up to 750 lbs of break strength.   


How to Measure

Take a string or soft tape measure and wrap it around how you'd like to wear your hands-free leash (cross body or waist), take that measurement and then measure how long you want the rest of the leash to go down to your dog's collar. Add the two measurements together and select the closest length options. 


Hardware Options

Trigger Snaps - All the trigger snap options in brass, matte black, and nickel plated are made of solid brass. The black coating is durable, but with all black coated hardware the color may scratch and chip overtime with heavy use. 

Auto-Locking Carabiner -  Made with high strength aviation aluminum, these carabiners are lightweight and can handle up to 880 lbs of tension. The carabiners auto-lock as soon as it's released and requires a twist to open mechanism so that even if your pup is a master escape artist, they won't break out.


Training Tab (Add-On)

Training tabs can be added to this leash, the extra handle towards the bottom of the leash will be roughly around 12 inches. Training tabs help for quick control of your pup! This add-on option lets you choose either the same color as your leash or a different color training tab making the leash two-tones!


    Care Instructions

    • Biothane® is extremely easy to clean, simply use water and mild detergent and it should wash away any dirt or grime. 

    • Brass hardware is durable and won't rust, but it's natural for brass to tarnish over time. Don't worry though, all you have to do is clean the brass from time to time with either a commercial brass cleaner or some lemon juice and baking soda paste on a soft cloth, then your brass will be good as new!

    • Though Biothane is waterproof, we recommend to dry the leash after every swim and give it a quick rinse if your pet adventured into the ocean. 



    Since all of our leashes are made-to-order we currently do not accept returns. 


    What is Biothane ®?

    Biothane is made of polyester webbing with a PVC coating that gives it a soft leather-like texture. However, it's fully vegan and even more durable, flexible, and easier to care for than leather. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Ashley Robbins
    Made with love!

    I have a couple hands free leashes and this is by far my favorite if nothing more than the loop/d-ring that allows you to make it hands free. This one doesn’t move unless you move it! Meaning it doesn’t tighten if your pup pulls or loosen if you are walking loose leash. It stays in place until you move it. Never knew this was such an important thing until you have it. I would wear others around my waist and it would either squeeze the life out of me or fall down my waist this hardware on these leashes don’t do that! Just another product of cookies & co that I love! Made for dog people by dog people!

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