Cookies & Co. Biothane Dog and Cat Leash
Cookies & Co. Two Tone Classic Dog Leash
Cookies & Co. Two-Tone Dog Leash with Training Tab
Two-Tone Classic Leash
Cookies & Co. Two-Tone Pet Leash Handmade in San Diego, California
Two-Tone Classic Leash
Two-Tone Classic Leash

Two-Tone Classic Leash


Can't decide between two colors for your pet's leash? Meet our custom Two-Tone Classic Leash. Customize your own leash by selecting two of your favorite colors and we'll bring your creation to life! Our leashes are handmade from Biothane® which makes it waterproof, light-weight, durable and easy to clean! 

All of our Biothane® leashes are sealed at the ends to make it truly waterproof! This style leash comes in 3/4" and 3/4" heavy (only in Charcoal & Cocoa colors) options both are extremely durable and have been tested to withstand up to 750 lbs of break strength.   

Training Tab (Add-On)

Training tabs can be added to this leash, the extra handle towards the bottom of the leash will be roughly around 12 inches. Training tabs help for quick control of your pup!


Hardware Options

Trigger Snaps - All the trigger snap options in brass, matte black, and nickel plated are made of solid brass. The black coating is durable, but with all black coated hardware the color may scratch and chip overtime with heavy use. 

Auto-Locking Carabiner -  Made with high strength aviation aluminum, these carabiners are lightweight and can handle up to 880 lbs of tension. The carabiners auto-lock as soon as it's released and requires a twist to open mechanism so that even if your pup is a master escape artist, they won't break out.


    Care Instructions

    • Biothane® is extremely easy to clean, simply use water and mild detergent and it should wash away any dirt or grime. 

    • Brass hardware is durable and won't rust, but it's natural for brass to tarnish over time. Don't worry though, all you have to do is clean the brass from time to time with either a commercial brass cleaner or some lemon juice and baking soda paste on a soft cloth, then your brass will be good as new!

    • Though Biothane is waterproof, we recommend to dry the leash after every swim and give it a quick rinse if your pet adventured into the ocean. 


    Since all of our leashes are made-to-order we currently do not accept returns. 


    What is Biothane ®?

    Biothane is made of polyester webbing with a PVC coating that gives it a soft leather-like texture. However, it's fully vegan and even more durable, flexible, and easier to care for than leather. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Alexis Moe

    First purchase from CookiesandCo and in love! Been looking for a new collar and leash for a while and I’m so glad I went ahead and bought one! The colors are gorgeous and the options for different lengths is great! Will be ordering another collar soon, maybe a leash as well

    Christine Meng

    My first ever leash from Cookie & Co and it definitely exceeded my expectation. I love the color variety that is offered and sturdiness of the material — weatherproof for all seasons no matter where you live! Cleans so easily and looks brand new in seconds.

    Yelena Shuey
    This leash is perfect

    This is our fourth leash and I am in love with orange and black. Collars feet’s perfect, Leash is just the right length and I love 2 tone. Customer service is amazing. I have bought leashes, collars, masks and bandanas since the beginning of the company. Quality remains excellent.

    Patricia Gonzalez Trujillo

    We did our first purchase. And I happy with the collar and leash. The style ,colors we picked , fits perfect , we picked the length for the leash and we picked the auto locking. Which it gives me more secure for out adventures.

    Amazing leash

    We have purchased two leashes from Cookies & Co., and I can’t recommend them enough! The leashes are high quality with strong and secure hardware. The biothane stands up to mild chewing from my large breed dog, and it’s comfortable to hold. I love the color options, too. Cookies & Co. happily fulfilled my custom request to create the perfect leash for my reactive pup, which I absolutely love.

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