Dog is Human Joins Our Treats Family

Dog is Human Joins Our Treats Family
As some of you may know already, Cookies & Co. loves supporting other small and up and coming businesses. If you've purchased a dog accessory from us before you know we like to include a complimentary treato in every single one of our orders from a small business with clean ingredients. 

Today, we're happy to introduce the newest member to our treato family rotation, Dog is Human. Though this treato smells like a treato and tastes like a treato, this is actually a human-grade dog multivitamin! (so be sure to check the serving size before giving the entire jar to your pup!) 


Who is Dog is Human?

Dog is Human is based out of the east coast and focuses on bringing science-backed human-grade ingredients into a healthy multivitamin for your pup! Their recipe is developed by a team of veterinarians along with human doctors (yes, human doctors) to ensure every active ingredient is clinically-proven to improve specific health functions for dogs! After all, our pups are family so we should treat them like so, including in the ingredients we give them! 


How do these multivitamins help my pup?

Dog is Human's team of scientists and veterinarians formulated the recipe to improve long term health with five core areas in mind.


  • Hip & Joint - Improve mobility and reduce hip & joint stiffness.
  • Heart Health - Coq10 provides additional cardiovascular support.
  • Skin & Coat - Shinier coat and less itching.
  • Immunity - Better gut health leads to stronger immune function.
  • Digestion - Probiotics support a healthier digestive system. 

How many can my pup have?

Give them a delicious chew every morning with food or any time as a stand-alone treat. Positive improvements should begin to appear within 4 - 6 weeks. 

Dog Weight Serving/Day
Less than 25lbs 1 Chew
25lbs-75lbs 2 Chews
75lbs or more 3 Chews

For a deeper dive into specific ingredients, please visit the Dog is Human website.

As always, you know what is best for your pup so please be sure to learn more about this multivitamin and ask your veterinarian if it is right for your pup.

Need a restock?

As a part of our family treat rotation, we've partnered with Dog is Human so you can get $10 off your next order from them by simply using code "Cookies10" on their website!


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