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Alicia Kang
Perfect Water Bottle for All Adventures

I purchased the 22oz and 32oz water bottle for my pup. I love how practical and functional the bottles are (plus aesthetically pretty). The bottle keeps the water cold and it’s been a tremendous help during this hot summer for all of our outdoor adventures whether it’s a hike, park day, beach trip or neighborhood romp. I carry the bottles in a pack with multiple items and the stopper stays suctioned closed until I manually open it. A huge plus too is that the lid for these bottles can be interchangeable with a wide mouth Hydro in case you ever run out of water. We love these bottles!

Madison Dorman
Perfect for a day out with your pup!

This bottle is so well made and is large enough to hold lots of water so you don’t run out while on a walk! Also, the color is just amazing!

You need this bottle

The review is basically in the title!! I lovvvveee this water bottle so much. The stopper works so easily. I love that the water comes out quickly to fill the bowl and you don’t have to wait for it to stream in like other bottles. The water that’s also not finished goes back into the bottle SO easily. The water is also kept nice and cool, which I love for the summer days especially when we’re spending lots of time outside.

And can we talk about the beautiful color??? I think we need human ones next! Thank you!!

Highly recommend

I love my insulated water bottles and now finally have one for my pup! It is beautiful and easy to use. Chipper doesn't drink a lot of water, but LOVES drinking the cool water out of the insulated bottle. We got both sizes - the 22 oz for more local or short activities and the 32 oz for longer adventures. The bottles also fit other lids that we have for insulated bottles! We highly recommend both bottles!!!

Christine M.
Durable and well made!

We got the 32 oz bottle and it’s perfect for doggy playdates, hikes, and roadtrips. The fact that we don’t have to bring an extra dog bowl or waste the unused water makes it so much more convenient. It’s also insulated so definitely keeps the water ice cold—perfectly temperatured for my puppo!

Side perk—humans can use it too and my wide mouth cap from my Hydroflask fits perfectly! So definitely a versatile bottle and worth every penny!

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