Bandana Sizing

Our dog bandanas are designed to find the perfect fit for pups of all shapes and sizes.

Measurements from snap-to-snap buttons:

X-Small - 11.5"
Small - 14.5"
Medium - 19"
Large - 22"
X-Large - 26"

Please ensure extra allowance between pet’s neck measurement and bandana sizing. Best rule of thumb, if unsure, size up.

Harness Sizing

Reference our sizing chart image in the product listing.

To measure the girth wrap a measuring tape around the deepest part of the dog's rib cage behind the front legs.

To measure the chest, wrap the measuring tape across the chest over the breast bone to approximately 1 inch behind the front legs on each side.

Small - Chest (11-16 inches) Girth (16-19 inches)
Medium - Chest( 11-16 inches) Girth (19-27 inches)
Large - Chest (14-20 inches) Girth (27-40 inches)
Collar Measurement

When measuring for a collar we recommend using an existing quick release buckle collar you have at home and size it to the size that is comfortable for your pup. Then measure that collar from one end of the buckle to the other end without measuring the part of the buckle that overlaps when buckled.

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