A feather patterned bandana next to five dog shaped biscuits

Measuring Your Cookie

Our dog bandanas are designed to find the perfect fit for pups of all shapes and sizes.

Measurements from snap-to-snap buttons:

  • X-Small - 11.5"
  • Small - 14.5"
  • Medium - 19"
  • Large - 22"
  • X-Large - 26"

Please ensure extra allowance between pet’s neck measurement and bandana sizing. Best rule of thumb, if unsure, size up.

We Love Snap Buttons

Every one of our bandanas will include snap buttons in order to allow for flexibility in sizing. Whether your pet has floofier winters or shaven down summers, our bandanas will fit perfectly every season by simply tying a knot prior to snapping for a snug fit, or simply snapping the buttons for more room.

The corners of three bandanas laid together with plastic snaps about half an inch from the edges