Matching Masks in The Making

Matching Masks in The Making

We love twinning with our pups whenever we can from scrunchies to infinity scarves, but during the weird COVID times we’ve come up with an even better way to match - masks! 

With every bandana release we try to make a few matching masks as well if the material is breathable (most importantly). Though masks are harder and more time consuming to make, we love seeing the human pup duos that makes all our hard work worth it!

The Recipe 

Cookies & Co. masks are made with two layers of 100% cotton fabric to make sure they’re soft, comfortable and breathable! They are then paired with a super soft and stretchy elastic band for a comfortable loop around the ears. Lastly, and our customers’ favorite part, the copper nose piece! This copper nose piece is wrapped around a layer of fabric on its own to prevent poking through the mask. We also chose copper so that our masks can be washed without having to worry about the nose piece rusting. It allows the mask to sit nicely on your face and allows for it to be one-size fits all. 

The Rinse

As with any apparel, we highly recommend you wash your mask before your first wear (as tempting as it may be). Simply throw them in a gentle cold cycle in a garment bag or hand wash and lay flat to dry - it’ll be worth the wait, trust us!

The Disclaimer

Not Medical Grade: Please be advised that our masks may be cute and you may want to match with your pup all the time, but they are not by any means comparable to a medical grade mask. 

“One-Size Fits All”: We know there is no such thing as a true “one-size fits all” unless we’re talking Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. We’ve tested our masks with both adult men and women and adjusted the sizing a few times to get an average size that seems to fit the majority of our customers. 

No Returns: Unfortunately, due to sanitary reasons, we will not be accepting returns and exchanges of any kind with our mask products. 

We really enjoyed seeing the matching pawrent & pup duos, so please keep sending pictures our way! 

Thank you guys so much for reading, until next time -  match up and mask up! 


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