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Biscuit Bentos Joins Our Treats Family

on May 28, 2021  in Treats
Biscuit Bentos Cookies & Co.

We are so excited to welcome Biscuit Bentos, a local AAPI women-owned treat vendor from Los Angeles, California, to our complimentary treat rotation! Biscuit Bentos pride themselves on providing pups with all-natural, preservative-free, human-grade dog treats made up of five simple ingredients: Oat Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Applesauce, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin!


Their Specialty? Customized Cookies!

Okay, they have healthy ingredients for a yummy treat, but what makes them special you ask? They make the most adorable dog treats ever! These two talented ladies use a 3D printer to produce any shape cookie you want! In this case, we HAD to put our logo on a cookie and it turned out amazing! 

Whether you’re looking for their pre-made birthday or holiday bentos, or you’re looking for a unique custom design, they’ve got you covered! 


Be on the lookout for a Cookies & Co. shaped Bento Biscuit in your next order!

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