Cookie Pack Model Search is Live!

Cookie Pack Model Search is Live!

Want to join our Cookie Pack? Now is your chance as our Spring 2021 ambassador search is now in full swing! Think your furiend has what it takes? Keep reading!

We would not be where we are today without the love and support of our Cookie Pack ambassadors! Not only do we need models to help showcase our products on pups and cats of different sizes and colors we also need all the barks and meows to help us be seen and heard! 

That being said, we love having ambassador searches every season, but its also one of the hardest tasks for us! As we want EVERYONE to be models, however as a small business we really have to control ourselves as we'd like to give exclusive perks to our ambassadors. 

We just want to remind everyone, that if you do not get selected this season as an ambassador, please please please reapply next season! The reason we open the search every few months is to allow everyone a chance to be a part of our pack!

Now that you've read through our ramble about the Cookie Pack Ambassador Program... please go check out our instagram post for more information and on how to enter! 



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