Spring 2021 Cookie Pack Ambassadors

Spring 2021 Cookie Pack Ambassadors
We're so happy to introduce our new and returning Spring 2021 Cookie Pack Ambassadors! This season, we've miraculously selecting a ton of local San Diegans without even knowing it. Take a quick read at their bios below and be sure to follow them on Instagram for discount codes to Cookies & Co. and giveaway opportunities!

We just want to take a second to thank everyone who applied to be an ambassador this season, this selection process is always a difficult one for us as we really do want to let everyone be ambassadors. Unfortunately, as a small business that just wouldn't be possible. So if you weren't selected this season, please be sure to apply again next season so we can give everyone a chance!

Cookies & Co. Spring Dog Ambassador Kenzie


From sunny San Diego, meet Kenzie! Kenzie was a foster fail during the pandemic! She loves playing with pups at Ocean Beach and Fiesta Island Dog Beach. 

Instagram: @kenzietheterrier 

Cookies & Co. Spring Ambassador Lilo


This little cloud is living it up in sunny San Diego! Lilo loves eating socks even though she knows she's not supposed to. The other love of her life is frozen peanut butter she makes her humans prepare for her.  

Instagram: @littlelifeoflilo 

Cookies & Co. Spring Dog Ambassador Luna the Corgi


Another San Diego ambassador, this is Luna the corgi! You will likely find Luna out in the waters paddle boarding with her favorite humans. She also has a very expressive wigglenub, that's hard to miss!

Instagram: @lunaloveloaf

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassador Sunny the Golden Retriever


This adorable golden retriever, Sunny really does bring us warmth and happiness through her smile. Her favorite activities include napping and chasing her humans in the yard.   

Instagram: @golden.girl.sunny

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassador Kobe White Labrador Retriever


Another local San Diegan, Kobe, is born for the beach life! Every trip near the ocean, this pup will tell his humans exactly where he needs to go (into the waters for a swim!). 

Instagram: @kobe_theenglishcream

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassadors Chug and Chiweenie

Archie, Bartie & Reggie

These three adorable chi-puppies love snuggling with their humans at home watching Disney's animated film, Robin Hood, and will watch the entire film from start to finish.  

Instagram: @chugandchiweenie

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassador Uni the Doodle


Meet this adorable mini golden doodle, Uni! She's starting her career at just 7.5 months of age in beautiful Santa Monica, CA. This pup loves to stay fit with long hikes and walks, but will ask for hug break in-between!

Instagram: @uni.dood

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassador Nugget the Corgi


This cute little Nugget, can be found in Philadelphia, PA! He shows us Californians what it's like to have actual seasons. His favorite pass time activity is playing hide and seek with his humans.   

Instagram: @nuggythecorgi

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassadors Trey and Millie

Trey & Millie

This adorable duo is yet another local San Diegan! Millie is a foster fail rescued from our partners at The Animal Pad, and is loving her big brother, Trey, who was named after Trey Anastasio!  

Instagram: @mexi_cali_tales

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassador Miska the Pomsky


Meet this spunky little Pomsky, Miska! When she's not out digging holes and hiking, she loves having loud and silly conversations with her humans at home and can be found sleeping on her back just like her pawrents!  

Instagram: @miska.pomsky

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassador Kai the Sheltie Inu


Meet this cute little traveler, Kai! This half Shiba Inu half Sheltie pup loves traveling and lived in 3 different cities before he even turned one year old! Kai is an adventure seeker and is already planning his next destination!

Instagram: @kaithesheltieinu

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassador Aesop the Husky


Meet majestic, Aesop! He may look fearless, but this big puppy will randomly get scared of elevators and will ask his parents to give him a lift. He may not be a little puppy anymore, but he'll always be a puppy at heart!  

Instagram: @aesop_husky

Cookies & Co. Dog Ambassador Proton the Golden Retriever puppy


It's puppy Proton! He may be the youngest cookie of our pack, but has big dreams! He one day dreams of becoming a therapy dog so he can help others though personal difficulties. This pawsitive pup is going places! 

Instagram: @protonthegolden


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