You’re in for a TREAT!

You’re in for a TREAT!
Cookies & Co. Doggie Beer Bones CBD Dog Treats

Ever wonder, if CBD is good for dogs?

For a limited time, all orders will come with an exclusive Bacon Flavored CBD dog biscuit from Doggie Beer Bones! So we wanted to gather some information around the benefits of CBD for our furry friends.

Obviously, we’re not experts or vets (we make bandanas for goodness sake), however based on some google research here’s what we found! 

Will my dog get high?

As entertaining as that may sound for our furry friends, rest assured your pup will not get high from CBD treats. CBD does not produce the same reaction as THC which is what creates the high sensation. 

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs?

Just like any dog treat, protein, or ingredient, CBD isn’t for all dogs. However, in general CBD can help calm anxiety in dogs, treat seizures, relieve pain, and help with appetite and nausea just to name a few.  

What kind of CBD oil are in these dog treats?

Doggie Beer Bones uses 100% full spectrum CBD oil sourced from US grown hemp and is tested to ensure there are no pesticides or heavy metals present. 

What other ingredients are in these dog treats? 

For more information on Bacon Flavored CBD dog treats from Doggie Beer Bones, read more here.

What if I prefer not to have these treats with my order?

    Feel free to let us know in the notes section on the checkout page and we’ll be sure not to add the treats to your order!
    As always, you’re the best decision maker for your pup so please use your best judgement with feeding your dog treats. As owners of a very itchy boy with a ton of allergies, we always advise dog owners to start off by just a little piece and see how it sits with your furry friend before giving them more. We know the puppy eyes are hard to resist!

    For source and more resources, here are some helpful links:


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